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What's the Most American-Made Vehicle on the Market? Frank DuBois Has the Answer.

What's the most American-made car? One-time auto mechanic-turned-American University professor Frank DuBois created the Kogod Made in America Auto Index to find out. In this episode of The Manufacturing Report, DuBois chats with host Scott Paul about how he puts the list together — and why the American auto industry matters.

The Secret Bill That Could Destroy Obamacare

Michele and Igor sit down with CAP’s President and CEO Neera Tanden to break down the Senate AHCA bill that has garnered no public hearings; no testimony from doctors, nurses, patients, or hospitals; and no consideration of 23 million Americans who may be at risk of losing their health insurance.

Actually, We Won’t Always Have Paris

Christy Goldfuss joins Thinking CAP to break down Trump’s possible withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, a move that would leave the United States standing alone with Syria and Nicaragua as the only other nation refusing to come together to make global climate goals.


President Trump released his budget last week, and as expected, it's a bodyslam to everybody but the wealthy. Harry Stein joins Rebecca and Jeremy to walk through some of the budget’s most egregious cuts on this edition of Off-Kilter. Next, Anna Chu and Bishop Dwayne Royster break down how the budget hits women and communities of color, and what advocates can do to stop these cuts. And finally, Alex Lawson joins to debunk the myth that President Trump's budget didn’t break his promise not to cut Social Security.

Union Member Elected to Head Congressional Progressive Caucus

(Washington-PAI)- Members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, workers’ most-reliable backers – and all Democrats -- in the GOP-run U.S. House, have elected union member Mark Pocan, a Painter and a Democrat from Madison, Wis., as their new co-chair.

“With the Trump Administration attacking both the values we hold dear and the programs which provide vital services to people across the country, it is my goal to help make the Congressional Progressive Caucus the voice of the resistance,” Pocan said. “As a lifelong progressive, I will continue to fight for the kitchen table issues we all care about and put forward pragmatic, progressive policies to combat Donald Trump and” House Speaker “Paul Ryan’s radical agenda.” Ryan represents a neighboring Wisconsin congressional district.


The Trade Deficit Isn't Just a Wonky Statistic. Here's Why.

As the Commerce Department examines ways to reduce the trade deficit, host Scott Paul explains why it matters — not only to our overall economy, but to small business owners and Americans in industrial states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Ohio and Michigan.

Apple Just Pledged to Invest $1 Billion in U.S. Manufacturing. Will It Work — Or Is It Just P.R.?

Scott Paul

Scott Paul Director, AAM

Apple plans to invest $1 billion in advanced manufacturing in the United States. That's nothing to sneeze at, sure, but the company could be doing so much more. Matt McMullan, communications manager for the Alliance for American Manufacturing, breaks it all down with host Scott Paul.

Reshoring Initiative's Harry Moser on Bringing Jobs Back to America

By: The Manufacturing Report

Harry Moser has been working to bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States before it was cool. Now that reshoring jobs is a top issue, Moser discusses what is going right, what's going wrong — and what policy changes are needed to bring even more jobs back.

USW's Chuck Jones on Donald Trump's Jobs Record

United Steelworkers Local 1999 President Chuck Jones famously called out President-elect Donald Trump for exaggerating the number of jobs saved by a deal at the Carrier facility in Indianapolis.

Now five months later, hundreds of Indiana workers are still set to lose their jobs at Carrier and the nearby Rexnord plant. In a conversation with host Scott Paul, Jones reflects on Trump's famous Carrier deal and the job the president has done for manufacturing workers in his first four months in office.

"He's talking what people want to hear, but we're not seeing any results," Jones says.

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